Madidi National Park Tour 3D/2N



Three days and two nights in one of the most important national parks – the protected area containing the largest number of recorded bird species. Contact with nature in its purest form.

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Tour Plan


Boat trip from Rurrenabaque to Madidi National Park. The boat trip up the Rivers Beni and Tuichi takes three hours and is an opportunity to observe the fauns, the impressive scenery of the Amazon and the Bala Canyon. For many experts, this park is one of the most biodiverse areas on the planet. It covers more than million eight hundred hectares and is home to more than 4000 species of flora, 800 species of birds (it has the largest number of bird species of any protected area in the world), close to 150 species of mammals and more than 190 of fish, among others. The park is even thought to contain many undiscovered species.

Arrival at Eco-lodge and accommodation in traditional-style cabins. Lunch and a brief rest in your hammock. Three-hour guided walk along the Tareche trail to the River Aguapolo, then along the river bank to a natural cliff face where parrots and macaws nest. During the walk you may see species such as peccaries, capuchin monkeys and howler monkeys. Walk back to the Eco-lodge. After dinner you may want to take a short night-time walk to see insects such as tarantulas, crickets and moths, as well as frogs and -with luck- a mammal or two.


The morning starts with a good breakfast of fresh local fruit to provide energy for a three or four hour walk along the Biwa trail, where spider monkeys, capuchin monkeys, peccaries, macaws, toucans and many other bird species are frequently seen. The trail takes you to the Madidi Natural Vantage Point, which has a spectacular view over primary rainforest and the meandering River Aguapolo. Return to the Eco-lodge by the Tareche trail.

Lunch will be ready on your return, made from traditional ingredients, to introduce you to the gastronomy of the area. Time to relax in your hammock. Later there is another three-hour walk on the Mapajo and Matapalo trails. On the trail you will see a number of gigantic trees, such as the Mapajo (Ceiba pentandra), Matapalo and Almendrillo, that are more than 300 years old and have the biggest canopies in all the Amazon jungle. Accompanied by a local guide, you can see medicinal plants up close and learn about their curative properties. Our native guides were born and brought up in the jungle, their combination of ancestral wisdom and scientific knowledge helps when observing animals and interpreting the tropical rainforest. Return to the Eco-lodge on the Dati trail. Traditional dinner of Dunucuabi: catfish cooked in heliconia leaves. There is an optional after-dinner talk by local guides on the Uchupiamonas and Tacana cultures. This park contains a number of archaeologically important sites from the Inca period and Mollo culture, as well as pre-Hispanic roads. The area is also known for its extensive cultural diversity and is the traditional territory of many ethnic groups.


Boat trip up the River Tuichi as far as the Serere trail. Short walk to Piraña Lake where you have the chance to fish for piranhas. During the walk you enter the forest on the river bank, which is the habitat of the yellow squirrel monkey. After the fishing trip we will visit a recently-discovered salt-lick where a number of animals can be seen in their natural surroundings. Return to the Ecolodge by boat. Lunch in the Ecolodge and a brief rest. Return to Rurrenabaque. Depending on the time of year we may visit Caquiahuara, a natural attraction about 20 minutes’ walk from the River Tuichi, where we will see red and green macaws on a rock face. The return journey by boat takes two hours. Arrive at Rurrenabaque. Transport to your hotel or the airport.

N.B. Please remember that our activities and timetables are flexible, due to the interests, physical condition and time availability of the visitors. Tubing traditional handicrafts can be organised and may replace some of the walks mentioned, if visitors mention this in advance.


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