After a strict quarantine from March to May and a subsequent dynamic quarantine, this September, the precautionary measures began to be gradually lifted as the infection rates have fallen.

  • Each department varies the quarantine schedules somewhat, but in La Paz and in the most important tourist centers, both pedestrians and transport can circulate from Monday to Friday from 05:00 to 20:00. and on weekends from 05:00 to 16:00 hrs.
  • Commercial flights to/from abroad have been initially authorized since October 1st. Currently, the National Airlines BOA (OB) and Amaszonas (Z8) are operating throughout the country on the La Paz / Santa Cruz and Cochabamba routes. Soon the itineraries to Uyuni and Iquique with Amaszonas, and Brazil, Argentina and the US with BOA will be regular.
  • Passengers who board international flights to Bolivia must have a certificate of a PCR test with a negative COVID-19 result, their valid passport and a visa if necessary. Passengers must wear masks. Please check the specific requirements with your airline.
  • Land, river and lake border crossings begin to open gradually, however, we can operate Hydrofoil cruises on Titicaca, leaving and returning from La Paz. Two-sided opening agreements are currently being carried out.

Crillon Tours will fully restart its operations the first days of November, once all international flights are operating and the Presidential and parliamentary elections have been held on October 18. We are waiting for the inspection of the authorities for COVID-19 sanitary controls. However, we have already implemented all the international (WTTC) and local bio-safety protocols, ensuring the operation of our “Travel Bubbles” throughout our own infrastructure, over which we have total control. We will also verify this operating system with our partners and suppliers.

Crillon Tours will remain working remotely for future quotes, bookings, and assistance.

As always, you can contact our 24/7 emergency staff contacts:
Judith Hoffmann / Crisis and Emergencies Manager: +591-71559843
Liz Carrasco / Incoming Manager: +591-72029213

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Sebastian Villena Morgan / Marketing & Product

We appreciate your support during this challenging time and look forward to welcoming you when the time is right.

**Last update: October 1, 2020**

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